Drag Me to The Pit (Poem)


Here comes the dragon
I know he’s kreeping round the way

I could smell that bird coming out the pit from miles away

I act like I don’t see him as I go about my biz
Check him in the mirror like I’m locked up in a prison

These walls, these walls
They’re all around
A dungeon in my mind

His shadow kreeps like candlelight
A traitor to my eye

He’s there but he’s not with me
He’s coming for the kill

First he bites up at my ankles
As I kick him with my heel

Then he lingers for a moment
As he spreads his harlot wings

A shadow so consuming I can’t hear the voice within

I scramble for a moment
I know what’s coming next

I try to find the words
The strength to go about my wits

But he’s tapping at my windows
He’s banging on my walls

He’s got the key to Pandora’s Box
And he’s pulling all the drawers

Alas, I succumb to this misery
Another brutal tirade took a hit on me

Drag me to the pit don’t mean shit to me
If I’ll ever get out it’s a mystery…

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