Lost in Space (Poem)

How can someone who burns so hot be so cold? How can something that feels so right be so wrong? It’s like I’m lost in space and I can’t go home The further I drift The hotter I burn The colder it gets The more I yearn For something less painful than the stake in my back I can’t relax I can’t look at myself This can’t go on I’m still trying to make sense of it I can’t make amends to it

The Stairway to Serenity (Poem) #WritePhoto

The pathway of destruction is wide
And many are in route

The end looks like the beginning
And the beginning…
A cloud of soot

But the stairway to serenity is more than meets the eye

It spirals up instead of down
And lifts you far up off the ground

The first step is wide
A simple task to catch a grip

Adam and Eve (Poem) #WritePhoto

They were high up on a mountain top
A garden in the sky

Whispering words of wisdom
As far can reach the eye

They had love for all God’s bounty
The curious and little things

Creatures in the valley
Horns, and thorns and wings

But their gift became their Krypton
Curiosity killed their throne