Immaculate Conception (Poem) #WritePhoto


The following badass poem was inspired by Sue Vincent’s daily photo prompt:

Mountains of Zion
So full of grace
The Lord is with thee

Blessed art thou
In the last days of Rome

For you are the light that shines through the cold

Blessed is your chalice
The cup of your blood

The wine of salvation
The womb of your throne

The dawn of your glory
Like the crimson at dusk
Will wipe every tear from the eyes of the lost

Every lie will be shattered
Every thief put to shame
Every den full of vipers will bow to the slain

The fruit of your womb
A feast for the King

Succulent and ripe
Sweet like milk and honey

The end of despair
No soul left unfed

The Spirit of Life
in the valley of the dead

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