The Morning Star (Poem) #WritePhoto


The following badass poem was inspired by Sue Vincent’s daily photo prompt:

The crow caws in the early morning
then smashes into my window
as I wipe the sleep crusted tears from my eyes

What a wonderful sight to see
as I awake to a hopeful new day

The blood of the morning star
dripping down my window pane

Taunting me to share in his glory

Tweet tweet tweet
Says the morning star

I have so many ways to distract you from your path

Caw caw

Maybe a little denial
Or some hate to fuel your wrath

OoOoh I know

A sprinkle of defiance
to make you believe in all you have

Or maybe

I’ll just sit here
And stare you in the eye
And force you to believe that everything will be alright

I’m the morning star bitches
You do what I say

You don’t try to cut corners
Or creep round my way

I do what I want
And you do as I say

And if any bitch try to taunt me
I’ll shit on your way

I fly like an eagle
Dip like a seal

Oh snap
Dufuq I just hit?

Was that your window pane?

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