Birdbrain City (Poem)


Look at all the birds
Every shape, color, size

Scratching at the surface
Pecking at the lies

Adorning the walls with excrement
Every day is a holiday

Every day is the same old story
The plot thickens
But none will sway

Where have all the flowers gone?
Where are all the vines?

Where are all the pretty birds?
Where are all the signs?

The sparrows have taken over
Blackbirds in the trees

Vultures at the dump yard
Pigeons on the streets

Fighting over bread crumbs
Falling into traps

Brawling over carcasses
Nesting on the tracks

As the life that once flourished
Fades in the horizon

The City of Birdbrains take to the sky

Taunting the lowly
Mocking the meek

Basking in their glory
As they litter the streets

The words of the wise can’t penetrate the throne

Nothing nice and nothing pretty
Welcome to Birdbrain City


  1. I really feel that one. You got some great rhymes, ya know.

    Liked by 1 person

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