Maniac (Poem)


How can someone who burns so hot be so cold?
How can something that feels so right be so wrong?

It’s like I’m lost in space
And I can’t go home

The further I drift
The hotter I burn

The colder it gets
The more I yearn

For something less painful than the stake in my back

I can’t relax
I can’t look at myself

This can’t go on
I’m still trying to make sense of it

I can’t make amends to it

Maybe I’ll figure it out
But right now I’m outside in the rain with no clothes on

Shouting my pain out loud
Arms stretched out
Knees on the ground

Maybe I can wash it all off
The guilt
The shame
The hurt
The blame game
The no love

Or maybe I should try to unwind

But I lost my sweater
I’m already undone

I really think it’s time to duck and go
I really think it’s time to slow my roll
I really think it’s time to switch tacts

But I can’t
Cuz I’m a maniac




  1. This was saddening while reading, but I enjoyed your use of words. Things don’t always are what they seem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely 😊


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