Get it Done (Poem)


I’ll do it when I wanna do it
I’ll do it when I’m done

I’ll do it when I’m sick and tired
I’ll do it when it’s done

I’ll do it when I’m all burnt out
And my legs are tired

And taking that first step feels like a marathon
without breakfast or a bottle of water

I’ll do it tomorrow
I’ll do it the next day

I’ll do it six months after that last day
when I last said I would do it

Okay okay okay
I’m a do it
Here I go

I’m a do it like nobody do it

Just you wait
I’m a show you

I’m a ball up these chains
And smelt them in a furnace

Meld them into a two-edged sword
Then attach it to my tongue

And as the whole world trembles
in the wake of my call

I will slay every beast
Every harlot
Every troll

I will come for the wicked
Find them sleeping in their beds

Take everything they own
Then set fire to their heads

I will burn down their castles
Throw dung at their thrones

Anoint them with excrement
Then hang them by their toes

For none can escape the wrath of The Word

The longer you run
The further you go

Into the pit of destruction
Where sulfur does burn

So… Yeah…
I’m a do it
I’m a see that it gets done

But I don’t think you’re gonna like what I gotta do
To get it done

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