Step Nine: Apologies to my fellow Twitterers (Twleve Steps)


Oh me oh my… Sigh… This may be a little early in my recovery, but I decided to do my first 9th step in response to my distasteful behavior on Twitter. I was recently put on a timeout by the Twitter police for calling someone a moron, thus prompting me to spend twelve whole hours thinking about my savagery and how it affects others.

I was in an ongoing argument over the plausibility of burning a pile of bodies. Commonsense concludes that it is impossible to burn a pile of bodies into ash because there is nothing that would make the fire stick. Whatever, that’s beside the point…

However ridiculous the notion is, calling people morons is not good for my sobriety or the commonwealth of others and serves as an ineffective approach toward raising the status quo for an increasingly uneducated and functionally illiterate society.

Maybe I was asking for the timeout… Okay, I literally asked my victims to rat me out to the Twitter police. What can I say? I do dumb things when I get bored… Like get drunk and tweet out whatever belligerent rambling I can muster in total blackout. I often wonder what perverse and incoherent ramblings will be rehashed in years to come.

Hotheadedness, being mean, compulsion and isolation are my main character defects that I humbly ask my Higher Power to remove from my downtrodden soul, which is why I am pursuing the Twelve Steps toward a spiritual awakening.

Sometimes the devil makes me feel like I will never redeem myself from all the years of acting like a total buffoon. When I start feeling hopeless, I get the fuckits and forget simple commonsense rules of conduct that are necessary to be a productive and respected member of society.  But feelings are not facts. I believe that if I remain sober and continue working the steps, my Higher Power will rescue me from the defects of character that are dragging me into the pit.

I humbly ask forgiveness from anybody I offended over the years, and vow to make amends by raising my vibrations and injecting positive energy into the universe. I also deleted every foul-mouthed word I could find on my Twitter. If you find anymore can you please be so kind as to bring it to my attention? Thank you 😉

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