Light the Fire (Poem)


This is not a joke
And it’s not an illusion

This is not a coincidence
And it’s not collusion

This is the real deal baby
We’re gonna light the fire

Please, just let it be
My one heart’s desire

You are the lock
And I Am the key

I want to open that door
So please
Just let it be

It’s we against the world
And the world against us

But when it’s all over
They’re gonna eat our dust

We’re gonna burn the bitches
Watch em choke on the ashes

Then we’ll chop em up lovely
Watch them lick the gashes

There’s no end to the misery that they will endure
When they look in their bank accounts
and realize that they’re poor

“Oh what a travesty, ” as they fall to the floor,
“It’s the end of my life, so divine, so secure.”

“No more scamming the public for money de jure!”
“No more toasting my glass, always dressed in couture!”

“No more pictures in the paper acting so immature.”
“No more screams from the crowd while campaigning on tour!”

Oh what a travesty!

When the rich become poor
And poor become wise
And the wise become pure

And the pure see the face of a God so divine
And rich are the last ones standing in line

And the world we once knew has come to pass
And the Kingdom is Come that is built to last

A new world, A new way
A new song, A new day

Come with me child
Let me light the way

Come with me child
See a better day

Come with me
I’ll make you see

Come with me
Just let it be


  1. Wow, that’s powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

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