Crisis actors, inflatable snowmen and the vagina in the sky


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, hell is what we make it and happiness belongs to all who choose to own it. But what goes for reality? Is it something we choose, create, behold? Does it come in a box tied with a bow? If we reject it will it simply go away?

When a tree falls and nobody is around to bear witness… it still fell. Nobody saw, heard or felt it. Nobody analyzed the impact or questioned its demise. But it is real. It happened without help from anybody. Why then does humanity persist in the delusion that reality is a human creation?

Seems the monkey-man evolution has peaked and humanity is quickly devolving into a parasitic entity. The longer we persist in the ‘Man is God’ delusion the more inclined we are to accept the most impossible truths at the expense of all the living.

As the sun begins to rise, the birds begin to chirp, a new day transpires across the Earth. But when does the new day start for those who accept a false reality? Who will wake them? What will they wake up to?

What does it mean to be awake? I see so many Truthers huddled in their Truther cliques, recycling the same information to the same people over and over while blocking everything they don’t agree with. Maybe they know a thing or two, but their actions imitate the sleepwalkers.

How can one claim to be awake while blocking out everything that doesn’t fit into the delicate bubble that encapsulates his or her own hand-picked reality?


Which leads me to the first item in my click bait: Crisis actors… What a horrifying reality we choose to create ay? A reality where parents don’t cry for their loved-ones but rather ‘forgive’ the assailants as they call for $Trillions to bulldoze whatever nation they see fit.

I saw it on the news… It must be true… Crying over carnage is a thing of the past… Children don’t mourn… Parents don’t grieve… Gunshot victims are ready for their close-ups a mere half-a-day later… Amputees don’t bleed out… 

“Like… Like… Like… Mu mu mu mama told me not to cry when she gets taken to a place…” is what she said. If that’s enough of an answer to suppress your aching desire to question reality, I say there is no hope for you.



I happened upon some shadowy hoodlums the other night. As I caught a glimpse of their daring attempt to deflate a snowman, I decided to sit back and enjoy the show. Such a spectacular display of vandalism reminded me of an epiphany of sorts.

Here we are nearing the end of the 2017th year of our Lord, still celebrating the mass destruction of Earth’s resources in honor of the Word of Love. The Word that instructed us to replace what we take from the Earth, and to give up our earthly possessions in honor of the Living God.

And Behold… What do I see lurking in the shadows of the night but some vandals? Yes, I said vandals who so righteously destroyed that which is meant to be destroyed. Yet the owners of such garbage were probably super pissed when they awoke to find their man-made object desecrated.

The God called Man is far too deluded to comprehend that a man-made object is a direct attack on the Living God. And damn to the living hell anybody who dare desecrate the reality man has chosen to erect for himself. Dare I acknowledge the irony in that statement?


vagina in the sky

So we went over false reality, crisis actors, inflatable snowmen… Oh yes… The vagina in the sky… So all this phony bologna propaganda and piss-poor judgment in the battle between fake and real has got me questioning everything including… The moon…

Did you ever stare a the moon for long durations of time? More importantly, have you ever seen it rotate? One night I attempted to snap a picture of the moon as a reminder that its face never changes, but all I got was a distorted image of a heavenly vagina.

According to modern standards, anything caught on video is real by default. So I guess the moon is a heavenly vagina, humans no longer mourn the carnage of loved ones, reality is whatever we decide not to block and humanity will live on forever in the cesspool we have created.



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