Twitter: Call of the Birdbrainz


Twitter… The call of the birdbrainz… Pecking ground of America’s first functionally illiterate President… As if one needs further reason to question the logistics of using Twitter for any purpose other than child’s play, allow me to elaborate on this Nirvana of disillusionment.

It’s the land of memes, one-liners and hashtag games. Where intellectual debate involves reiterating disinformation like mockingbirds, and the smartest of the flock are the birds who stir the most wind up other bird asses.

Have any of these birds mustered the wit to question why their treasonous, treacherous, lying, conniving, scapegoating, asstalking, sleepwalking leaders chose Twitter as their nesting ground?

Why would leaders of an alleged ‘great nation’ encourage citizens to use a platform that requires half a brain cell to articulate their wholly unthoughtful responses to an intricately woven web of destruction?

Many a sorely underachieving revolutionary on Twitter would call it, “The dumbing down of America…” I like to call it, “The birdbrainin it up of all the caged masses who have lost their will to think up a plan to escape.”

I’m just now getting acquainted with WordPress after about seven years of posting on my other blog that is now set to private. Once I get into the swing of things maybe I’ll get over my nasty habit of going on Twitter, getting annoyed, word vomiting my frustration then doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

I know, I know… The definition of insanity right? But aren’t we all more than slightly insane? If insanity is the diminished capacity to decipher right from wrong and the growing majority of citizens are incapable of forming their own unique perspectives based upon research rather than what they are fed through mainstream media then humanity as a whole is certifiably insane.

And through the diminished capacity to decipher right from wrong, humanity has become evermore inclined to do what is easy rather than what is necessary to sustain our existence. Belting out one-liners and blowing up the Twitterverse with memes and hilarious insults is easy. And to the unfortunate twits who can’t tell shits from giggles, it makes complete sense for governing forces to engage on such a platform.

Leaders of a free nation should be trusted servants who guide the masses toward greater prosperity by demonstrating the skills necessary to achieve independence from daddy government. Rather we have a pen of squabbling chickens who are good for nothing other than counting their chickadees before they hatch.

So there you have it folks… My Nirvana of disillusionment from the Twitterated existence we have chosen as our reality. And in this heightened state of enlightenment, I have decided to use all my strength to stretch my birdy wings and flee from cuckoos nest.




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