Trump the Dump (Poem)


Trump The Dump
Got us all lookin stumped

Wanna drain the swamp to make room for his cabbage
Bout as loyal to US as he is in a marriage

Can’t tell the difference between the ass and the mouth
Can’t wash his hands when he’s covered in filth

We got a worm in the office
And he’s having a feast

Eating holes through every law
Every right
Every feat

Everything that makes this country what it is has turned to shit
Or maybe it was shit
But the only alternative was even more shit

Been eating horseshit

Since the day this nation was founded on genocide
And slavery
And every hellbound, maxed-out, asshat hypocrisy

Is only a word
Sounds good when you say it
Rings loud when you slay for it

But only fools risk their lives to make peace with a sword
Take orders from criminals
Salute what they stole

Pledge their allegiance to a slogan of peace
As though freedom is something to do by order of the king

And this dump that Trump been stewin
Been brewin for a long long time

It started out as constipation
Then erupted in a heated vow

To expel the putrid rotting shit
Stopped up in the Lying House

So we sent in the cat to get rid of the dog
And tore that shit up wall to wall

But now who gonna clean up this god damned mess?
Can’t make heads from tails in this storm

We better off starting over
Make a new one from scratch
Flush the whole dump down the hatch


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