Id, Ego & Superego (Journal Entry)


Here I go again. My id got the best of me. I run from my life til I can’t get away then it’s back to the same old drunken charade. I don’t know how I got here. Or at least that’s what I like to say. I know exactly how I got here. But I can’t admit my blame.

It’s always his fault, her fault, never my fault they’re insane. But whose fault is it really? It’s back to the psych ward for me. All this thinking got me drinking and all this drinking got me stuck. All my wisdom, all my passion, all my life has gone amok.

Nothing matters when I’ve gone savage. I don’t care about my dreams. Every thought is full of hatred. So distraught that I can’t see. When I get up, I fall back down. Every time is more extreme. Then I wallow in the shame of all the light that I can’t be.

I don’t want to feed my id. I just can’t go out this way. I just can’t sit back and wallow as I waste my life away. So here I go. I’m weighing in. I’m taking steps to hold my chin. I’m throwing out my fears and pain and building up what’s left in me. As I wait that faithful day when my superego will rescue me.

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