Today is a Present (Poem)


Tomorrow is the future
Yesterday is the past

Today is a present
A gift that may not last

If today were the last day you could ever hold a thought
Would you sit and dwell on the misery of all your hads and nots?

Would you cry up in your pillow
And wallow in your bed

Would you let the day transpire
with all your words unsaid?

Would you tiptoe around the thoughts of love
you never thought you’d show?

And walk on eggshells through the dross
of all the strife you’ve come to know?

Or would you tip your hat to the future
that everybody wants to meet?

Flippin birds to the hurdles
of the past that came to be

As you sit back and enjoy the present
The only gift you really have

And indulge in every moment
And drown out all the bad


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