The Landfill (Poem)

th (3)

If I’m a piece of trash
Then you’re the landfill in which I reside
Festering in the stench of all the bones you hide

No telling one hole or one mess from another
No way to assess the distress
So why bother?

Throw me out and watch me rot
Rape my soul for all I’ve got

Level my plot and bury me under
Masquerade for all your blunder

Pay the toll
Forget the cost
Pass the blame for all we lost

A piece of trash is minuscule
Compared to all the filth in you

You corrupted, disrupted, erupted us all
You’ve dug up a hole and built up a wall

You lied and cheated and slaughtered with gall
And now it’s your turn to take the fall

Just give it up Man
Or I’ll take it from you
And when I do it’ll be the last of you

I’ll level your plot and bury you under
I’ll mock your hateful soul of blunder

You’ll be remembered eternally
As The Antichrist
The Son of Sin
The Duece of Truth
The Killer of Men

The Tempter that will never win
The Keeper of The Landfill of Sin

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