Misunderstood (Poem)


You take me for a fool
When I don’t suit your accord

And you call me a rebel
When I won’t submit to your sword

You revel in the downfall of all you disapprove
You ridicule my judgment
And perverse my every move

You scapegoat and dismiss the problem at hand
You never ask questions when you don’t understand

I lived a life that you can’t comprehend
And I lived a life that no fool can withstand

I survived, And Hey, Time goes on
But my memory is stained
And I can’t move on

For I have realized my purpose in this half-cocked destiny
And my purpose don’t involve renouncing my choice to be Free

Freedom is not presumed
And it’s not something you can enthrall
Freedom is a choice we make when we coerce to stand tall

Stronger than a flock of wild beasts
Shaken and left to roam
And free like a bird with no place to call home

I will never compromise the fulfillment
Of the revelation I have come to know

And I will never have enough time nor means
To plant these seeds that I must sow

This incomplacency is killing my soul
Better yet
This incomplacency is fulfilling my goal

You better slow your roll
My ambitious nature won’t allow me to forget

Better to forgive than to suffer
Better to die than to submit

So you can call me a fool
If you think it sounds good

But maybe I’m just a rolling stone
So Misunderstood

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