So Thankful (Lyrics)

Walkin down this road alone
Makes me feel like I don’t wanna know

Can’t escape what you done to me
So I’m a do what I came to be

Never wanted to do this all alone
Never wanted to sing this damn song

But I’m the one and only red redrum
I’m the go where you can’t come from

Go get your paper and your Hennessey
Cuz you gon need it when you get a load of me

Go to the Slaveyard (Lyrics)

It’s the way you won’t tell me something
It’s the way I feel when you’re around me
Ain’t no lie it’s hard to find a reason to be thankful

Like a rainstorm caught up in the streams
Like the last one you’re ever gonna see

You’re the rain cloud, I’m the water
I’m the city, You’re my slaughter

Cut the block off
You gon see
Ain’t no MASSA ever gonna keep me