HoOga bOoGa Talk (Poem)


ASsHat walks up to the podium
Sayz some HoOga bOoGa shit

Then the whole world gasps
As he uncorks his ASs
And reveals his ghastly wit

“We’re gonna make shit great again
Shit is what makes shit great
I welcome all who wanna take a dump
Cursed be the haters of great”

Dat HoOga bOoGa talk done cast a spell
Done unleashed a curse
Done dropped a bombshell

Done gathered the crooks in a HoOga bOoGa swarm
Choking us out with a HoOga bOoGa arm

I ain’t taking you up on your HoOga bOoGa talk
Best mind your step wit your HoOga bOoGa walk

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