Look at All the Haterz (Lyrics)

As far as the eyes can see
It’s safe to say that ain’t no one nowhere be free

Ain’t that just a little too close to home
I love you, But I ain’t a gonna wait too long

Waaays to fall
We got a long waaays to fall

Take you on my wings and roll
We’re headed on our waaays to fall

Covet all but air
Get over but before it comes back to you

All the Way to the Flame (Lyrics)

Since I’m not fit to follow
No one is gonna break my faith

Sin City got a ticket to Neverland
What happens there don’t win nothing new

Been down, I’m gonna take the higher plains
Rocket launcher, Better make some room

Hear me all the way to the flame
HaHaHa HaHaHa HaHaHaa-aah-aah

A Lie So Deep (Lyrics)

Love is blind when you hold on the past…
You break free just to hold something else…

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous…
Seems right when you know something less…

Traumatics (Poem)

Spare me the traumatics
Just give me some peace of mind

Nightmares kreep in like overdose
Good days are lost in time

I try to find some comfort
A silver lining for my dread

But the only line I come by
is full of Monkey Headz

Soul Searching (Lyrics)

Little known to all the world, is all the world
Time will test the loss of us

Terrible horrific us
Time it won’t turn back
Time to face the face of Oh Lord

Tainted by the prejudice
Seems we won’t forget it
Fear your God, Your god not in your hand

HoOga bOoGa Talk (Poem)

ASsHat walks up to the podium
Sayz some HoOga bOoGa shit

Then the whole world gasps
As he uncorks his ASs
And reveals his ghastly wit

“We’re gonna make shit great again
Shit is what makes shit great
I welcome all who wanna take a dump
Cursed be the haters of great”

The movie “Spotlight” captures the essence of investigative journalism

Spotlight is based on The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of a major sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Archdiocese in Boston. The investigation revealed that high-ranking members of the Church covered-up sexual abuse of children by settling claims out of court and allowing guilty priests to keep their jobs. The initial report covered the actions of a priest named Paul Geoghan who was implicated in numerous abuse cases, and a prominent member of the Catholic Church in Boston, Cardinal Bernard Law, who knew about the abuse for years. Spotlight, The Globe’s investigation team, published its first story on January 6, 2002 along with the phone number of a hotline allowing more victims to come forth with allegations. Numerous investigations followed, uncovering hundreds of cases with thousands of victims in archdiocese across the US.

13 tactics LiZARDz use to dominate the world

The LiZARD invasion is a rampant phenomenon of a subhuman species of hominids who are marked by the same characteristics as narcissists. Unlike humans who rely on the cerebral cortex for advanced thought processes, LiZARDz rely on the reptilian brain. Such heavy reliance on instinctive, fight-or-flight behaviorisms spurns a toxic environment for all who perceive the true nature of a LiZARD.