Suggestions for articles to write about Trump’s 1st month


The following is an assignment for Editing & Copyediting. We were told to come up with a list of suggestions for articles to write about Trump’s first month in office: President Donald J. Trump’s First Month: Achieving Results for the American People.

Trump’s administration recently released a list of achievements made in his first month. Our duty is to analyze these achievements, line by line, word for word. President Trump debriefed nine categories of achievements. Our news-group will break into eight categories of news stories. Such categories are as followed:

Job Creation: We will delve into job loss from the time JFK was killed after he called for the US to pull out of Vietnam. Our news organization is here to examine the impact of the culmination of all war efforts compared to the paradise US tax dollars could have established.

The vision of our news organization is to show The People that communities can come together to establish production to compete against the Elite, while creating jobs and earning funding to improve our communities without taxes. Capitalist ideology upholds that Capitalism creates the most competitive environment. We will examine the lack of competition that is evident in Trump’s choice of using Boeing to build Airforce One. We will then compare the current Capitalist state with the concept that communities can compete against mega corporations to build American made products.

Anti-War: Research Trump’s claim that he saved money for US taxpayers by negotiating a cheaper price for F-35 fighters. Compare the saving he’s made thus far to his projected increase in military spending. Examine each so-called ISIS attack to decipher whether ISIS is a real threat to the US.

Environment: Report on the impact of overturning rules that protect the environment, and food and water supply. Follow the protests against the XL Pipeline. Compare the pros and cons of destroying sacred land and the water supply in order to provide 35 more jobs, and rake in the cash for Elitist refineries. Research the projected amount of oil that is left on Earth. Compare Trump’s proposed increase in military spending to the amount of money it would take to convert to renewable resources.

US Sovereignty: To counteract Trump’s attack on our Hispanic neighbors, we will research the impact of the contra-cocaine conspiracy. Examine CIA operations that led to the establishment of MS13. Research JFK era CIA backed mafia ambitions in Cuba. We will also develop an in-depth look into the hypocrisy of the drug war and its impact on society.

Government Regulation: We will examine each rule made thus far, and the impact of replacing such rules to make things easier for industrial ambitions.

Foreign Policy: We will examine the hypocrisy of US sanctions in Iran, and the fear mongering involved in the process.

The Swamp: We will review each of Trump’s cabinet confirmations, along with the fallacy involved with appointing such a cabinet in defiance of The People’s discernment. We will examine the prospect of bypassing Trump’s so-called ethics order by appointing Billionaires who have no documented involvement in politics, yet have other selfish means for gain.

The Constitution: We will examine Gorsuch’s record of defending the Constitution. We will also examine the long-standing fallacy of a constitution that required over 131 years worth of amendments to provide basic rights. Through our examination, we will establish that the Constitution is not perfect and may require many more amendments.

Helping Women: We will examine the alternatives Trump could have sought to increase women’s roles in the work-place.

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