My Trigger Finger Swollen (Poem)

My trigger finger swollen
I’m jonezin

I got my mind made up and my money on my own plan
Now who’s holdin?

I got no nac for these Jiggaz
Who don’t get it til the aftermath

I’ll throw my head out in the wind
And I’ll set it on em back to back

Raise HELL til the morn
Better get it while the gettin’s on

Bed time for the bigots
Need a bigger catacomb for them

If I Wanted To (Lyrics)

I don’t need your sympathy

If I wanted to
I could do anything I wanted to

I could raise up, on your head
All you worth, All your praise

And give it all to those, simple things

If I wanted to
I could make peace and make you want it too, Oh Yeah

I don’t ned your prayer for me

Splatter on your Face (Poem)

A cabinet full of crooks
A drawer full of hate

Pockets full of don’t ask
Splatter on your face

A dream that’s going nowhere
You’re lost and can’t be found

Hide tide for fear of no man
That wall is coming down