Sucker Dreamz (Poem)


How many species died for your designer shoes? And…
How many children cried for your expensive jewels? And…

I look around and wonder why the darkness never fades
You walk around and never wonder how your airs pervades

Your vanity has tolled its price
You filled your cup and had your slice

The game is over
Your reign is through
You’re gonna get what’s coming to you

You think it’s cool to thrive off jealousy
You act a fool while sippin Hennessey
Just what you do
I’m sure you’ll never see… DAMN!

In your eyes you’re SuperSized
You’ll never realize

You’re hypnotized by his disguise
You fall for all his lies

The White Man’s got you stuck on dreams
Of lavishness and all that gleams

Just look around Man
Can’t you see?
You’ve been scammed by sucker dreams

All you have and all you do
Took a whole world out just to get it to you

Then you turn around and what do you do?
You throw it out like it means nothing to you

You throw it out so you can buy something new

Something new to adorn you
Something new to pass time

Something new to attend to
Something new to refine

Fuck all that is living
Wealth has gone to your head

Forget about giving
You’d rather be dead

Giving shows camaraderie
But you want to be superior

Fasting shows humility
But you want a cool exterior

You commercialize what I despise
You store it up like it’s a prize

You don’t care who lives or dies
So long as you be SuperSized

So you can take all your lies and schemes
And you can choke on all that gleams

Things aren’t always what it seems
And you been had by Sucker Dreamz

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