Reaper on The Plow (Poem)


Am I justified in this?
Do I put my ride on this?

Can I escape the trap if I don’t own my rap?

Can I remove the gutter in my mind
Hear the thunder

And then like lightening speed…

Can I take a crack?
At the White Man’s back?

Reclaim the game…
And the blind man’s smack-a-stack

Or should I press rewind…
Take a few steps back?

Then move forward
Heal your mind
And take over…

This Land!

Do you understand that I need you?
But I can’t stand The Man who deceives you

You better Recognize!

You better realize
You better methodize


You better no matter the weather
Get your act together
Understand NOW!

There is no fear
Like the Reaper on The Plow

Whether you’re old time school or just coming up now
You will be torn by The Reaper on The Plow

He will come to you swiftly like a Thief in The Night
You won’t have means nor time to put up a fight

And as the sun rises slowly to awaken The New Day
This world will be cleansed
And The Tried will find The Way

So don’t bow your head down
And give up the fight

Don’t cut throat your freedom
And vanquish The Light

Just be humble, Just be cool
Just absorb your ridicule

And when you lace up for your raise up
Your intellect will be your fuel

So just lean back, Just relax
Just get up the nerve

And when you fight back on the right track
Then justice will be served


  1. sarainlalaland says:

    Bravo. Well written piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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