Reaper on The Plow (Poem)

Am I justified in this?
Do I put my ride on this?

Can I escape the trap if I don’t own my rap?

Can I remove the gutter in my mind
Hear the thunder

And then like lightening speed…

Can I take a crack?
At the White Man’s back?

Reclaim the game…
And the blind man’s smack-a-stack

Sucker Dreamz (Poem)

How many species died for your designer shoes? And…
How many children cried for your expensive jewels? And…

I look around and wonder why the darkness never fades
You walk around and never wonder how your airs pervades

Your vanity has tolled its price
You filled your cup and had your slice

The game is over
Your reign is through
You’re gonna get what’s coming to you

You think it’s cool to thrive off jealousy
You act a fool while sippin Hennessey
Just what you do, I’m sure you’ll never see… DAMN!

In your eyes you’re SuperSized
You’ll never realize

You’re hypnotized by his disguise
You fall for all his lies