Race On (Lyrics)

race horses.jpg

Give it all
Before the fall

Get it all
Figure it out

Ain’t it wrong
When all are aching?

Tears of all is all I’m shaking

Painted fears
But I’ll be strong

As I weigh your predictions
Break down the repetitions

All I want is Revolution
Ain’t nothing wrong with a change in your solution

I pray for your conclusion
Unveil your illusion

All I want is to console ya
Ain’t nothing changed
All hail what I told ya

What I want is what I won’t chance
All I need is a lone heir

Race on! Race on!
The bet is on
Long long gone

Think about the road you’re taking
Take a vow
But don’t you break it

In your chase
Hold on

All you’re waiting will evolve

When you’re lonely
Fill your hole

Clear your aim
Don’t hesitate

On the eve of a new day
I pray we never fall away

Hope is never hopeless
Living is loving it all when you’re focused

Hold it down, catching dee dee dum
Give it up, never see The Son

Race on! Race on!
The bet is on
Long long gone

In the wake of the dawn
There’s a will just barely hanging on

Before the woes and all the world is ending
We face the truth we can’t escape

Get around
Load it up at sundown
Lose a war and win your fate

When you’re bound to keep your word
All you lose is all you hope to gain

When I take a vow
It’s not in vain
Your mighty doom is not my fate

Race On! Race On!
The bet is on
Long long gone


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