Race On (Lyrics)

Give it all
Before the fall

Get it all
Figure it out

Ain’t it wrong
When all are aching?

Tears of all is all I’m shaking

Painted fears
But I’ll be strong

As I weigh your predictions
Break down the repetitions

All I want is Revolution
Ain’t nothing wrong with a change in your solution

I pray for your conclusion
Unveil your illusion

All I want is to console ya
Ain’t nothing changed
All hail what I told ya

What I want is what I won’t chance
All I need is a lone heir

Race on! Race on!
The bet is on
Long long gone

We’re All Cabbage (Poem)

You’re Cabbage! You’re CABBAGE!
Says the shmuck to the fool

You’re Foul! You’re Foul
Says the crowd to the gavel

You’re Wrong! You’re Wrong!
Says the fool to The Dawn

You’re Pathetic! You’re Pathetic
Says The Dawn to the crowd

Are you cereal? Are you cereal?
Says the gavel to the shmuck

We’re all Cabbage! We’re all Cabbage
Can’t you smell the muff?

Shalom (Lyrics)

My thoughts are running away again
I wonder where you are

I keep falling away again
I never wonder far

A fool shining in the dark
I wonder where I stand

I can’t find the way again
I wonder where I Am