The Lizard Invasion: An Ancient Legacy

The following is a report I wrote for a class called “Writing the Weird.”


History is mottled with tales of ancient superior beings who descended to Earth to seduce mankind. From ancient Sumer to the nation of Islam, these legends have shape-shifted over time into an intricately interwoven system of factions forged into chaos through bloodshed and manipulation. Such a widely-coerced phenomenon is not easily dismissed as delusion. Rather it has become an axiom of pretension that propels all into odds against each other. Herein lie the core of truth that permeates through the dimensions of time. Whether the reptilian phenomenon is a literal invasion or a metaphorical manifestation, humanity is nonetheless consumed by lizardous transgressions.



Ancient Sumerian tablet depicting Anunnaki

Ancient Sumer was the first urban civilization in Mesopotamia, and arguably the origin of the first cities in the world. The Sumerians are lauded for their advancements in trade, agriculture, and warfare as well as inventing the wheel, plow, writing, and monetary system (9, 14, 21). Mesopotamia is noted as the origin of slavery and the system of hierarchy that stands til this day (3). With such a lofty resume, it’s no wonder Sumerian ideology suffused itself into broader society like a pestilence yearning for extermination.

Among the many Sumerian legends that crept their way into religious factions across the globe is the tale of the Anunnaki. As legend has it, Anu, the sky god, was one of the most powerful Sumerian deities. Ki was the goddess of Earth. Children of Anu and Ki are called Anunnaki. The Igigi were servants to the Anunnaki until they rebelled, forcing the Anunnaki to create human servants. Since humans initially had no set lifespan, the gods controlled the population through flood, plague, and famine. During the final deluge, Ziusudra survived with his wife on the ark, upon which the gods gave man a set lifespan (1).

Although the Anunnaki have no defined appearance they are commonly believed to look like a bipedal avian, bipedal reptile, or a tall humanoid. The Anunnaki are a shape-shifting race that can transform into any shape or size. Modern conspiracy theorists contest that the global elite are reptilian descendants of the Anunnaki. Others claim the Anunnaki myth supports creationism. Variations of Anunnaki mythology are found in numerous cultures and religions, most notably Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and aboriginal tribes (23).


ancient baal worship.jpg

Ancient Baal Worship

Sumerians were the first known inhabitants of ancient Babylonia. As Babylon devoured Assyria and the surrounding Semitic nations, Babylonian religion became an eclectic mix of Babylonian, Assyrian and Semitic beliefs that were greatly inspired by Sumerian gods (7, 8, 13, 14). Black magic rituals known as Satanism are the modern version of the rituals and human sacrifice practiced by the Babylonian Brotherhood. The term “Satanism” refers to a highly destructive, malevolent force that has taken many names over the centuries: Nimrod, Baal, Moloch, Set, Devil, Lucifer, the list goes on and on (10).

Satanism perverts everything that is positive and turns it into a negative, or rather turns the negative into a positive. Mainstream television is the prime example of such perversion (10). The mainstream has turned Illuminati symbols into a show of art that is the center of awe at every mainstream event. The elitist sideshow act also has a tendency to turn innocent experiences such a puberty and dating into an all-out fuckfest. Multitudes of right-minded people are taught to be crazy for pointing these facts out, but are they really insane?

Now let us delve into the more mythological aspects of Satanic blood sacrifice. The Babylonian Brotherhood posits that blood contains the life-force energy. Menstrual blood is said to be the “nectar of the gods” because reptilians need blood to live in this dimension. Reptilians will often shape-shift back into their reptilian form while drinking blood. Without human blood, reptilians cannot hold human form in this dimension. Blood is the reason the color red is important to Satanists (10).

Satanic rituals are meant to manipulate energy and consciousness as a means to connect with the lower fourth dimension, thus empowering the reptilians. Sex and brutality are common in such rituals because they invoke low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, lust, and hate. These vibrations are plugged into the global energy grid, affecting Earth’s magnetic field and providing energy to the reptilians. Children are abused, molested and murdered during regeneration rituals because Satanists and their reptilian masters use pre-pubescent energy to regenerate their bodies and acquire the purest energy force.  Ritual murder is said to be the reason why millions of children go missing every year (10).


Numerous breeds of reptilians have been reported over the years by those who claim to have either seen, or been abducted or possessed by such entities. Reptilians are generally classified as either malevolent or benevolent. The malevolent species are emotionless and have little regard for human life. They perceive humans as hostile, and will go through extreme lengths to prevent humans from discovering multi-dimensional or interstellar travel. Benevolent reptilians are here to assist and defend humans against the malevolent forces. These reptilians have been reported to reveal themselves to humans to confirm their existence so as to awaken humanity (12).

Reptilians are further categorized into the lower entity type and the alien type. Lower entity reptilians are immortals that operate in the lower Fourth dimension just beyond visibility to humans living in the physical Third dimension. These reptiles can possess human bodies, thus controlling humanity without being seen. Alien reptiles are agents working for the lower entities to manipulate human affairs. These are mortal creatures with mortal material needs. Aliens reproduce through DNA, and are believed to be involved in abduction and genetic experiments on humans to create a hybrid species (12).

An elite priestess who performed rituals for the Brotherhood at the highest level, Arizona Wilder, claims that reptilians pursued Aryan people around the universe thousands of years ago. Reptilians followed the white race to Mars and then came to Earth with them. At this time, the reptilian Anunnaki started an interbreeding program with the Martian-reptilian hybrids, thus producing a high reptilian genetic content that is necessary for shape-shifting. This ancient reptilian genetic code is believed to have survived for thousands of years through inbreeding in the Illuminati royal family bloodline (10).


illuminati pyramid.jpg

Illuminati Control Pyramid

Lower entity reptilians operate outside the frequency of visible light. Since they operate on a frequency that is different from ours, they manipulate our world through human hosts. Illuminati bloodlines are bred to be the vehicles within visible light through which reptilians operate (18). Royal bloodlines have been inbreeding for thousands of years to maintain the potency of reptilian genetic code that was injected into their ancestry through reptilian hybrid interbreeding. Blood sacrifice and Satanic rituals serve to subject these bloodlines to reptilian possession. The Illuminati must maintain their connection with reptilian frequency in order to dominate the world, which is why they continue to breed within their own bloodlines (10).

Illuminati bloodlines are earthly representatives of the reptilian agenda. World domination is the ultimate goal for the Illuminati, but it is unclear to what end they intend to seek such malevolence. Divide and conquer is the main trick in the reptilian playbook. They use the international banking system to fund both sides of every war. As nation turns against nation, the global economy will eventually collapse (6).

In the midst of mounted chaos, The People will turn to their oppressors for help, and a one world government will take root. Reptilians will then have full control over a world government that will dictate to every country, a world bank that will control world finance, world electronic currency, a one world army that will impose the will of the government, and superstate unions that bolster the reigning dictatorship (5).


Demonic entities operate in frequencies between the Third and Fourth dimensions. The ability to move in and out of the Third dimension is said to be the reason behind UFO and other entity sightings. Reptilians police the vibrational prison, also known as the Matrix, by addicting and restricting humanity to dense physical senses, thus preventing humanity from raising vibrational frequencies. By raising the vibrational frequencies in which the Third dimension operates, humanity would make a shift from the physical prison to a multi-dimensional reality. If humans were to make such a shift, the reptilian ability to shape-shift (possess human hosts) would be removed and humanity would be freed from reptilian slavery (10).



Evolutionary biology proves that humans evolved from reptiles and fish. In recent years, researchers have concluded that reptilian ancestry is evident in the human brain (17). The R-complex or reptilian brain regulates life-support systems including respiration, cardiovascular and nervous function. The reptilian brain is the source of instinctual fight-or-flight, fear, hunger, aggression, pleasure, and pain. While the reptilian brain is essential to human survival, humanity is pressed with the challenge of learning how to prevent the limbic or logical part of the brain from being overpowered by reptilian instinct (16).

Elitist overlords stimulate the reptilian brain through social programming and other agents that assist the production of low-frequency vibrations such as chemicals, toxins, parasites, GMOs, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, and tainted water. Illuminati bloodlines keep humans in a constant state of shock-and-awe. When humans are overpowered by fear and anxiety, the reptilian brain takes control and all logic and discernment is voided as humanity is coerced into donating blood, labor and tax dollars in pursuit of endless war (16).


Reptilian possession is only effective in those who have a predisposition, which allows reptilian vibrations to attach to a host. Those who exhibit low-level vibrations such as lust, greed, envy, hate, fear, malice, and wrath are especially vulnerable to possession. Inbred bloodlines that descend from ancient reptilian hybrids are the most likely hosts (4).

In the early stages of possession, a person may experience dreams or physical visitations from reptilians, monsters, demons, vampires or other demonic forces. The person will then experience drastic changes in mood, often resorting to counseling or self-medication. As symptoms progress, the person will do self-destructive things such as speeding, nail-biting, and self-mutilation. When the person becomes an active host, the entity will use the person’s body to carry out its agenda. The person will appear to be fiercely driven to reach whatever malevolent goals they are after. If the active hosting stage persists, the person will become a permanent host that is owned and inhabited by the reptilian entity (4).


The physically dense Third dimension, or Matrix, exists only to those who observe its low-level vibrations and accept it as reality (2). The Matrix cannot be absolved through the vibrations that created it. Humanity must rather shift consciousness to a higher frequency so the Matrix can be destroyed through lack of energy. Low-level vibrations are plugged into the Matrix through ritual practices, whether positive or negative, and malevolent forces such as hate, greed, lust, envy, fear, malice, and wrath (22).

Expanding awareness is the path of ascension to a higher frequency. The human mind absorbs frequencies according to thoughts and belief systems. Humans begin to attune to a higher-self, or frequency, by applying discernment to every thought that is emitted and absorbed. When a frequency (thought or situation) manifests itself, one must detach from the frequency before reacting compulsively (reptilian brain response). When the reptilian response is deactivated, the limbic or logical part of the brain will take over and apply a higher-vibrational frequency to one’s actions (2).

A stress-free and positive outlook is the fastest route to a higher frequency. Abstain from ritualistic activities that subdue conscious thought. Always tell the truth. Even white lies can disrupt the higher vibrations. Love yourself and be of service to others. Be mindful of actions, reactions, thoughts and words. Envision a world of peace and prosperity. Imagine an Earth that is cleansed and purified. Remove every obstacle or relationship that prevents the ascension to a higher-self. Heal the body and mind through detox and meditation. Always remain in a conscious state of spiritual progress. Do these things and the low frequencies that give power to the reptilians will dissolve through lack of vibrational energy (22).


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