The Lizard Invasion: An Ancient Legacy

History is mottled with tales of ancient superior beings who descended to Earth to seduce mankind. From ancient Sumer to the nation of Islam, these legends have shape-shifted over time into an intricately interwoven system of factions forged into chaos through bloodshed and manipulation. Such a widely-coerced phenomenon is not easily dismissed as delusion. Rather it has become an axiom of pretension that propels all into odds against each other. Herein lie the core of truth that permeates through the dimensions of time. Whether the reptilian phenomenon is a literal invasion or a metaphorical manifestation, humanity is nonetheless consumed by lizardous transgressions.

Many of Trollz (Poem)

Many of Trollz have come around my way


Many of Trollz have tried to ruin my day


Many of Trollz don’t have a thang to say


Many of Trollz don’t know how to play the game


Many of Trollz can go back to the bridge and play


I pity the FOOL who tries to get in my way