You’re Gonna See (Lyrics)

I laugh all the wayee
Into your heart

I give it up to everything that matterz to me in the world oh oh

Take away my sunshine
It really doesn’t matter

Cuz baby where the sun don’t shine
My fire will take you through the battle Oh Oh

This Time (Lyrics)

I see you playing your game around the way
I know your plans to win, A-All

Give all your rights to the better known
Just what it takes to win, Ask the door

I’m tired of playing a game I don’t know how to boss
It’s like I’m trapped inside a mirror on the wall

Get Off Your Hiney (Lyrics)

I went down to the corner when I heard you say
Get off your hiney, Get off your hiney

I threw down against the boss with a picket sign
Threw down all day, I lost my voice and

I’m not tryin to ask for the world to change
I’m just paying for it, So get off your hiney

Rebel (Lyrics)

What it takes just to let it all out?
Too hard just to lay out on the sidewalk

What I speak is for you to know
You can’t stop what you cannot follow

The last stop is just the way to your grave!
You really thought your plans would stand strong?

Touch Me (Lyrics)

You say you love me
As you pull on my one last string

Try so hard to make you want me
By the pain in my heart still stands

Touch me
Reach out and pull my hair

Lord knows I’ve tried so hard
To be the one that you understand