Turn the Light On (Lyrics)

outside light.jpg

I’ll erase you…
Not before long…

In a while I’ll…
See you scat off..

Innocence is all gone away and
All the way you make your mistakes

You, try to have it all, all you have is plenty
Take it in your own hands, Play it on your own stance

I won’t be yours to belong too
Never had it, Never took for granted
Outlandish, Understand this

I’m a head on, You’re a dead off
Won’t get it, So pathetic

I’m the hated, Zoned for the greatest
And my greatest zone is a long wish

If I had one I would erase you
And my fetish, would replace you

Never let on, When I see you
When I read you, When I feed you

When I reach you, try to release you
Got my own cell, In my own hell
Waiting on a wholesale, Weigh it on my own scale

Why can’t you ride on ride on?
Ain’t it late to, holy save you?
Ain’t you where you, fall all the way to?

I’m a let you bygone to bygone
If – you – can’t – go – I – won’t – give – you
Nothing that you wouldn’t do to ride on

In a while I’ll see you scat off
On a label, In my shadow
On a wait list, In my gallow

Outside oh, Turn the light on
Get a hater, Get a saddle
Outside I’ll see you ride off

All we have is the eve of an on and on
It won’t – be long – at all – be strong

But in the wake of vision
Wait on your decision

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