einstein insanity.jpg

When I wake up every morning
When I go to sleep at night

As I go about my day
All I see is plight

When I think of what life could, should, and can be
I just want to cry out

You call me insane
When I shout to the crowd

Well here’s some news for you
And I’ll say it out loud

Your intellect is an illusion
You’re so vain
You’re so proud

Your arrogance just seems to glisten
You’re so caught up in a cloud

Please stop the Ass-Talk
Cuz I’m not in the mood

Did you ever think to listen?
I sure wish you would

When I try to do good

Then you turn around and wonder
Why the Hood is the Hood?

So think please will ya
Cuz I’m all thunk out

Just think of what you’re doing
Just what you bring about

Lies and manipulations
can blind the Purest hearts

And when the darkness enters our minds
Dark nights seldom depart

What is insanity in a world of the insane?
When heroes lose their voices
Insanity seems pretty sane

You call me insane
when you’re too blind to see

Well open up your eyes
Cuz you ain’t seeing me

I’m here to win it all
I’m here to send the call

And when it’s all over
I’m here to take the fall

So when it’s all over
And they ask about me

Just give them my regards

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