FLiP tHis (Lyrics)

What I really want is what I want to know
All that really matters is I came to pay the toll

If I get this, If I get this, then I let it flow
Long long time since I felt this sure

Can’t hold back when I can’t let go
Little bit of time never went this far

Turn the Light On (Lyrics)

I’ll erase you…
Not before long…

In a while I’ll…
See you scat off..

Innocence is all gone away and
All the way you make your mistakes

You, try to have it all, all you have is plenty
Take it in your own hands, Play it on your own stance

I’d Sail Away With You (Lyrics)

The road to rest is lost in flames
I wonder if we’re gonna make it through

The mere thought of you could carry me on
Through everything, Your love is true

Rainy days are a summer’s breeze
When your love is all I breath

Dirt (Poem)

We come from the dirt
And we go back to the dirt

We sow seeds in the dirt
And grow plants in the dirt

From those plants, make a shirt
And some pants, and a skirt

INSANiTy (Poem)

When I wake up every morning
When I go to sleep at night

As I go about my day
All I see is plight

When I think of what life could, should, and CAN Be
I just want to cry out, “THIS IS PURE INSANITY!”

Before the Rapture (Poem)

Snakes in the grass
Spiders in the bed

Pigs on patrol
Pigeons getting fed

Bitches trickin money
Bulldogs flipping birds

Journal Entry: Daily Affirmation

I am the stuff legends are made of… My weaknesses are my strengths… And my strengths are hard to come by…

I am the beginning to my end… The end to selfish living… I am the root that gives way to new life in a new season…