The Stone in Your Way (Lyrics)


Maybe I’ll fight and maybe I won’t
Maybe I’ll survive
Or maybe I’ll just hang around for a while
Just singing a song
Like there ain’t no fire and there ain’t no war

Boogie on down, The radio’s on
May the last time we’re ever gonna see those starz shining bright
all across the sky fall on a night when there ain’t no light

Lay out on a mountain fast asleep
Nothing gonna get me while I’m counting sheep
It’s not like the wolves are creeping round The Way

If I could find the strength to live in your shadow
No thorns would ever get in your way
No light would shine through the great unknown

If I should lose the will to fend your wind off
Long live the glory of the dust that blows with the sound
of the stormz ripping through the sky

Better off to boast The Stone in your wayyyyy
No Love for anything made of….
Nothing left but bones in the sands of doom

Sitting outside, Praying for a miracle
Nothing like the power in your fingers

There’s no sadder scene, there’s no sadder scene
Than throwing that away

High time you stand on your own two
Belt out the fire and sulfur
Over me

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