Heartless (Poem)

He say I’m KrAzY
And I don’t know what I know
But what he know is hard to guess

And I’m not that HaZy
I’m out there gettin it off my chest

I’m bout that get it, got it, go
Right upside that laying it all to rest

In hindsight, he faultless
Never knew what was standing right in his door

Never thought long bout it
How could he play?

In a game I started
How could he roll?

And he can get it less sheezy
He take my heart and gut it out on the floor

Cuz we gon play dat game of Heartless
And I’m a bet it on the best

The Light I Know (Lyrics)

I’ll burn the thorns off the mountains to see you
Knock out the bastards in The Way

Free the birds trapped in the cages
Herd up the peasants on the wall

Sitting next to none
I’ll wait to see what they won’t do

You ain’t got the gall, You ain’t got the aim
You ain’t got the nerve, You don’t understand

Sometimes the lights out in the city seem so
Not like The Light I know

You draw the lines
I cross just to see what you won’t do

You make the bed, I toss the sheets
Give a damn, What you say ain’t the way it’s done

ASstaLkerz & sLeepwaLkerz (Poem)

Asstalkerz and sleepwalkerz
Infest the dark of night

With their spoiled heirs and dithered stares
There is no hope in sight

The Bush’s and Baker’s and trumped up law-makers
All lined up in a row