In God We Trust (Poem)


God God God
In God We Trust

But why trust GOD?
When your God is unjust?

Your paper trail is like a vessel
On a pathway straight to HELL

Your appetite is all consuming
There’s no limit to what you’ll sell

More money more power, More problems to control
More power more money, More lies to tend the dough

You hail the blow, You run the show
You trash the keys then lock the door

You plant the seeds then harvest death
Just look around! There ain’t nothing left

You see some land, I see some theft
You take the right, I take the left

You travel seas just to make a buck
I’d give my life just to fuck you up

Misunderstanding is all you do
You think this world is all for you

If you want it all
Do what you must

Just have no fear
In God We Trust

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