The Seed Sower Knows (Poem)

Only The Seed Sower knows
Which root the seed grows
All ails the seed shows
Which brood the seed tolls

The Tiller of the fields
Breaks sweat with no skills
Makes bets with no yields
Banks debt with wrong deals

Welcome to The Peanut Gallery (Poem)

Welcome to The Peanut Gallery
Where mu mu mu muh MASSA said

Where erybody gets what erybody wants
And the answer for erything is
“Get em DEAD!”

Shut yer pie-hole you commie FuCk
I’m bout to watch me some Fox News

A Bird in Your Hand (Poem)

A bird in your hand is worth three in a tree
The burden of man is an imperial decree

Cast down upon the lowly
The tree withers with blight

The lowly see the tree as hope
But the avid see all as trite

One form of trite gives way to another
But the new form of trite leads all forms to blunder

Blunder across the land leaves no room trees
And a treeless isolation breeds new formed disease

Disease of the mind
Disease of the heart

Disease that will multiply
Til death do us part

The only real cure for this plague is the bird
The absence of trees means that life has deterred

Raindrops (Lyrics)

The rain has come
The storms are blowing

Hold on

Can’t wait to see the Sun
What a day

You can run, You can hide
Save face for the other side

Make way for the only way to save us from the storm

Hurry up light the match
Rain rain I hear you calling

Get ready
The time has come to wash our sins away

Free as a bird

Flee from The World

Raindrops keep on falling
Raindrops I hear you calling
Get ready to take me to the place where I belong

Gimme Some Sugar (Lyrics)

So sick from your pheromones
Here we go

Stung right from my heart
Where’s the antidote?

Blat Blat
My mind is all blasted out

Point me to the nearest
Way to the hospital

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Wrong Side of Luck (Lyrics)

Oh DaMn
What did I do?

Rather not say
Doin what I’m not supposed to

Turn the lights down
Gonna pay the next day

Runnin round and round
On the wrong side of luck

Hey-ee-ay-ee OW
Ow-ow ow-ow OW

Hey-ee-ay-ee OW
Ow-ow ow-ow OW

It’s All on The Way (Lyrics)

The wait is over
The violence is more than I can take

It is if you say it’s so-oooh-ooh-ohohoh
The moment you walk away

I waited a long long time
To see all the faces of the light

If you think you’re the king
You should know you won’t win
You can wait the back of the line

It’s all on the way
The vision of heaven on the ground

It’s all on the way-ay-ay-ee-ee-yeah-ah-ah
The feeling is all around

Nigger (Poem)

There exists not a word in this world so absurd
Not a word in this world that has ever transferred

Across oceans and deserts and jungles worldwide
That can shake you and break you and make you collide

A word that was dealt to a people so torn
A people so beautiful, A people so scorned

A people that built a nation so strong
A people made to feel they will never belong

Yes, words can be hurtful, Oh yes it is true
But this word goes beyond what is hurtful and cruel

This word is so much more than a word
So much more than absurd

So much more than a label
So much more than unstable

This word is a virus, a cancer, a plague
This word can malign you, and make you feel dead

So the next time that word finds its way to your tongue
Just remember that stench smells worse than cow dung

Nigga what? Nigga who? Nigga me? Nigger YOU!
If you call me a Nigger then you’re a Nigger too

And if you’re a Nigger then there ain’t no hope for you
Cuz Niggers don’t learn, And they know not what they do

Don’t wanna be a Nigger?
Then here’s some news for you:

Stop using that word
Before that word uses you

House of Pain (Lyrics)

Why are you
So caught up with you

Everything you do
Stands before The Way

Oh Twilight
Seen before The Dawn

Race into The Storm
Holy Holy War

I can see The Way
Through your house of pain

Waiting for The War
The Fight that you live for

What’s left are few

I’d rather see the light than fall into a hole
I’d rather stake my life than surrender to your wall

You’ll get it too

The Crying Room (Poem)

There is no crying at the big kid table
If you wanna act like a whiney little bitch
You can go to the crying room

I don’t wanna hear no weeney whiney woo
Over what you coulda shoulda woulda, did not do

You took your chance
You played your part

You made your bed
Now suck it up

All your wheepin and your whinin
And your moanin and your groanin
Ain’t gettin you nowhere wit your same sob story

I ain’t feelin your dome
I ain’t jockin your gloom
You can go get onto the crying room