Empty Threats (Poem)

olympia_noose.pngEmpty threats, I must advice
Can take a toll on empty lives

For empty troughs spurn hunger pains
And empty stars do fade away

What stops the palms beneath my shade
from being more than just a weed…

The Palm said, “I will make me grow…”
But you and I know how that go

My eyes are open far and wide
And I see death, And I see the signs

And I see hope when I see the light
And I can’t help but think HELL ain’t right

Of all the empty threats you throw
How far has any one held up?

How long did you wait till you realized
Empty threats are full of empty lies

And empty lies are like a road less paved
What you get ain’t what you crave

What you hold ain’t what you save
And what you are ain’t what you made

Toss the salt before you floss the flame
Empty threats are for the lost the game

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