Who Did iT and Ran? (Poem)

Why I always got fity hunnit problemz?
Like, “Who did it and ran?”

I ain’t got no time for this
No room, No hope, No hand

My fears are stacked a mile high
My mind is out the door

Eyez on Horizon (Lyrics)

In this sad song
Bygones don’t ride strong

Getting hated on
I don’t know where it’s goin

On the red zone, Got your infection
Spitting attitude, Hell on the radio

Flies on a Windshield (Lyrics)

Flies on a windshield
Getting dolled up for your last hooray

Seems I don’t wanna go
Oh ooh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh, oh ohoooh oh

Is anybody out there?
Ay ee ah

Call it What You Wanna (Lyrics)

Say stop, say stop
I don’t really want that

Get me through the window
I’ll take what I want then

Say no, say no
Set me on the right road

Trapped Inside a Battlefeild (Lyrics)

Tired as a hero lost in flames…
Lighting up the last fire left in me

Tripping on the fireflies passing by
And I’m thinking bout how what a lovely place to