The Dragon Ride (Journal Entry)

The following journal entry was an assignment for my Craft of Writing II class. We were prompted to read entry 105 from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath and continue writing.

“And times there are when you feel very wise and ageless.” Everything just seems to go your way; the tides do split, the clouds do part. And you wonder: What thrones are left to conquer? What walls are left to break?

The goals within your reach are limitless. You can achieve impossible feats if only you can discipline yourself enough to remain en route.

Then Jekyll turns to Hyde, and the dragon takes a breath. And what goes up must fall down with indiscriminate calamity. You search for reasons to carry-on, but all you find are excuses to turn bread into dung.

Your potential and triumphs and achievements galore just seem so hapless like a madman dancing in the fog. Your fears seize control of every thought that comes to play, and you doubt every hope, every move you plan to make.

As you search for the words to bluff a wise man’s front, the only thoughts that come to mind are, “Why must I live another day? Why must I bear witness to this death, to this stain upon the Earth? Why must I cry and cry these tears at night as the whole world passes on?”

Then you allow your weary bones to rest and give your thoughts some time. Up the dragon’s back you go as Jekyll claims the throne. The fire that brought Hyde to the forefront of your insanity has all but tapered off, and is sure to come again.

You tell yourself it’s over and it’s all gonna be okay, but you know it’s just a matter of time before the dragon strikes again.

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