Lamenting Earth (Journal Entry)


The following journal entry was an assignment for my Craft of Writing II class. We were prompted to read entry 110 from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath and continue writing.

“The wind has blown a warm yellow moon up over the sea…” A big bulbous moon like the bulbous head of a bulbous man pompously taking inventory of the shortcomings of humanity. Patrolling the night, a lighthouse in the sky. A dear companion, always on time. Helpful, reliable, admired by all. “What does he have that I don’t?” The Earth Mother laments in quenchless sorrow.

“They indulge in my luxuries, pride themselves in the accumulation of my resources. Lie, cheat, steal, kill. Trample on my creations. All in pursuit of vanity. Then they snuggle up, cozy and satisfied, and admire the moon… THE MOON… as they drift off to dreamland in preparation for another day of insanity”

She goes about her days begging, yearning, aching for release from the egocentric, tithes won’t change it, lost in transit, walls won’t hold it INSANITY we have so disastrously imposed upon the celestial rock that gives us life.

“WAKE UP!” The Earth Mother cries out to her inhabitants, “Open your eyes and indulge in the banquet of delicacies I spread out before you as an offering of love and gratitude. Love me, give me glory. Idolize me the way you idolize the fade-away stars who bear no fruit, yield no bounty. I am the rock that gives you life. Everything you give to me returns to you with love. Forsake me and I will forsake you.”

Her words fall on deaf ears as sonnets of doom gust through the wind. Her patience runs thin. The sound of “Me, Me, Me” permeates through her being, a constant reminder that her own flesh and blood has forsaken her. She frantically sends forth warnings; tornados, wildfire, earthquakes, tsunamis. Her inhabitants remain unmoved. Sex, drugs, music, wining and dining, getting married, divorced, procreating, take take taking.

Day turns to night, and the pangs of her betrayal begin to settle down. She gazes solemnly at her faithful companion; so peaceful and dignified. The soft, gentle touch of his glow is her only comfort as she awaits the devastation of another day in Neverland.

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